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English has become the dominant means of communication all areas, ranging from technology, education, politics, trade, and so forth. In fact all electronic devices manual book that we have at home definitely speak English, even though the medium of instruction in Indonesian language also paste in it.
Even like it or not English is also selected as a second language in some Asian countries, namely the Philippines, Singapore, and Malaysia. English is the most common communication tool. So is it still worth if we can not speak English at all, considering that English is a global ‘Lingua Franca’?
Unfortunately there are still many people who are reluctant to learn English because they feel too old to be able to master the English language. but it’s never too late to learn and science, is not it?
To be able to master the English grammar well, of course, we need to multiply the English vocabulary which has become the main capital in learning this language.
Learn vocabulary is not difficult. Anyone can learn it quickly as long as once learned, vocabulary should be used as often as possible. Vocabulary should indeed be introduced or taught since early childhood. But over time, if diligently our English vocabulary will increase.
English language is an important element that we must learn how to use today. You may say that, I do not like the English, I do not currently work in the field of English language, or activities I had nothing to do with English. There may be a thousand reasons that made you put off to learn this international language. In fact, a variety of benefit, directly or not, we can find when mastered English.
One thing you might think about that, learning English is a necessity in a modern world. We are still able to live without the English language, but there are many benefits that make our lives so much better if we learn English seriously and then master it. If no reason is not quite evocative of your mind, I want to divide the 9 reasons why you should learn the language seriously.

Reasons Why You Should Learn English:
1. In order to enhance global understanding
English is the language of the world. if you have proficient English language correctly, then you can understand the potential for the current global conditions. At the very least, you have to understand the various terms and be able to foreign exploration and understanding of the conditions that apply globally.

2. In order to enhance the employability
Inevitably, English language ability is absolutely necessary in order to support careers for our employees and for job seekers who are in the stage of looking for work. especially for the sake of a few multinational companies, English language ability you will be directly in the test at the final stage interview session.

3. In order to enhance our own language ability
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe once said: “Those who know nothing of foreign languages, knows nothing of their own.” Human language ability is not really limited, because the language is basically a way / tool for communicating. Arriving at the people who have a qualified foreign language ability, usually also very good at communicating with its own language.
4. Demi kognitifitas and hone skills in life
After all language skills are the skills required of every human being. Socializing and understanding the needs of human behavior is the reason why every person needs to learn toxicity speak properly.

5. In order to improve chances of entry into college
For the sake of those students who want to go on to college favorite, it is absolutely necessary skills and knowledge of English is good.

6. Demi memmembuat travel more feasible and enjoyable
You have a plan to abroad? So do not be put off again for start learning English from now. Do not get you into trouble because you do not have the ability speak English at all.
7. For the sake of expanding study abroad options
You want your college or continue studying abroad? Learn English from now on. Because no one would know when the opportunity comes, then you are ready for live.

8. In order to improve your value and so you are more respected
With good at English you’ll be respected in your social sphere, because not everyone can be good at this language. And when you go forward in order to prove your ability, then you will be one level above the average.
9. In order to establish friendships and build a network of International
You have been good at conversation in English? or you have at writing with english? Then use it for the ability to make friends from anywhere around the world (remember that English is the language of the world) or build International cooperation and networking your business.
Actually there are many more reasons and benefits that you can learn when you have to be good at English. And there’s no reason for you to procrastinate. There are many sources you can use the lessons learned for the sake of free and paid. If you are very busy and do not have time, you can still learn it on-line. Enough to capitalize computer / PC and an Internet connection, then you can have English courses on-line.


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